Clear Cat Clumping Natural Bentonite Cat Litter – Lavender (5kg/10kg)

Clear Cat Clumping Natural Bentonite Cat Litter – Lavender (5kg/10kg)

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ClearCat cat litter is produced with natural bentonite clay, which has high absorption and clumping ability and also prevents bed odor. The litter does not contain any synthetic or allergenic additives. Because of the high temperature drying process, it does not contain bacteria or any microbial organisms.

The litter generates small and undivided clumps, so the other particles stays dry and hygienic. this properties provide more economic and long time use. The package weight tolerance is (+/-) 5%.

Use: 1. Fill the toilet cap with cat litter up to 7-8cm high.
2. Everyday throw the clamps with a shovel.
3. If necessary; add the litter to the cap and keeping the level.

Keep it in a dry and cool place.
*Do not leave the package open.
*Use it according to instructions.
*Don’t throw the clumps into toilet.