Tabernil muda 100 ML

Tabernil muda 100 ML

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Oral solution
Vitamin supplement

Choline chloride 11 g; DL-methionine 2 g; vitamin B6 0.2 g; nicotinamide 1.5 g; pantothenic acid 1.6 g; aqueous excipient q.s. 100 ml.

The shedding and fledging of feathers is known as moulting and it occurs in a cyclic frequency.
Even though this is a physiological phenomenon it requires special attention of the carers, since it is difficult to determine when it is a normal, intense, abnormal or early process.
Abnormal moulting can be caused by: infectious diseases, parasites, management errors, adverse climate and deficient or imbalanced diet. During moulting periods there is an increase in the need for vitamins and amino acids. This also occurs during the period of feathering of the chicks, when the nutrients are insufficient. In these periods, TABERNIL MUDA, vitamin and amino acid supplement in oral solution, can provide sufficient nutrients in a convenient way given its easy administration route.

To shorten the duration of all types of moulting. To encourage plumage when chicks are being raised.

TARGET SPECIES: Canaries and ornamental birds in general (parakeets, goldfinches, pigeons, etc.).

TABERNIL MUDA should be added at 6 ml/breeding paste or cake, equivalent to 6 drops for every 40 g of breeding paste or cake; or 3 ml/litre of drinking water, which is equivalent to 3 drops per 40 ml of water. Treatment should be administered during 15 consecutive days, followed by a 5 day rest and then another 15 days of treatment, even though the first 15 days are usually sufficient.
Prepare treated water daily.