Unica Class - Adult Ageing Feline Star Hairball (1.5Kg)

Unica Class - Adult Ageing Feline Star Hairball (1.5Kg)

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Unica Class Star Hairball Old Cat Food with Chicken 1.5 Kg

Croquettes for adult cats aged 12+ with animal proteins as the first ingredient, characterized by the selected chicken, guaranteeing a unique sensory experience and a first-class physiological treatment.

The food is suitable for older cats who want to stay young and live the STAR HAIRBALL lifestyle, so they devote a lot of time to their personal hygiene and pay special attention to the health of their urinary tract. The food is therefore integrated with a complex of vitamins E and C to strengthen antioxidant defense, reduced magnesium for urinary tract well-being, and contains pea fiber to facilitate the elimination of hairballs.

Complete food for adult cats.
Dried animal proteins (14% chicken), maize, chicken fat, brown rice (11%), maize foil, wheat flour, maize gluten, yeast, pea fiber (2.5%), hydrolyzed animal proteins, Yucca schidigera .
* equivalent to 37% of rehydrated chicken.

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 21,600 IU; Vitamin D3 1,620 IU; Vitamin E 800 IU; Vitamin C 210mg; Taurine 1,350mg; Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate 61.89 mg (Copper 15.75 mg); Zinc oxide 111.60 mg (Zinc 90.00 mg); Iron (II) carbonate 326.02 mg (Iron 157.50 mg); Manganese (II) oxide 40.63 mg (Manganese 31.50 mg); Calcium iodate anhydrous 2.77 mg (Iodine 1.80 mg); Sodium selenite 0.49 mg (Selenium 0.23 mg).
Technological additives: antioxidants. Other zootechnical additives (lowering urinary pH): ammonium chloride 3,000 mg.

Crude protein 30.20%; Crude fibers 3.00%; Crude oil 18%; Raw ash 6.60%; Magnesium 0.07%; Phosphorus 0.75%.

Weight 1.5 kg
Food Segment Premium
Taste Chicken
Product Kilogram 1 - 4.9 kg